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CD Into Stories

-CD Into Stories

Hello again kids.

I know this died. I pretty much allowed it to. But starting this month I want to start working on the CD Into Stories challenge. There's no time limit. Just do what you can as you can. I already have a couple of you that promised to join, and I know there's school and other business that's going to take up your time. That's fine. All I ask is that you give it a shot.

This challenge is sort of like the Song into Story challenge. It's just bigger.

First, you take an album. Any album. Probably one of your favorite. You can even use a mix CD. That's fine too. Then you write down the track titles in the order they appear. Then, next to the first track you write "Chapter One." Next to the second track you write "Chapter Two."

And so on and so forth.

I already figure I'm either going to use A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars or City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold.

Good luck!

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