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Lions and Tigers Come Running

I found this hiding on my desktop, apparently I wrote it a little over a month ago, I only vaguely remember it. This is all I have :P I started work on some type of story I got an idea for but I haven't written anything like that in years so we'll have to see how that works out ^.^

Just to Bleed…

Burn me open
Make me feel
Pain unforgiving
So real

Clouded vision
Never waking
Holding tightly
So crippling

I’m no slave
But I feel like I’m losing my mind
I keep all this inside
I’ve had enough of you

I sleep so long
Never to leave here
Wake so long
Never to be there

I destroy everything in my hands
I crush it all and watch the pieces fall
I’ll kill them all to feel alone
I’ll rip it all just to bleed



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