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Never the Same

This really has nothing to do with any of the challenges, but I wrote a poem recently and figured I'd post it. Enjoy! :)

All that I was,
Every part of me,
Is no longer,
What I know I will be

Times have changed,
And people too.
How I wish to go back
And be with you.

I said I loved you,
Time and again.
But I was too young
To understand it then.

Now that I’ve grown,
In the years that have passed,
It becomes harder to make
Your memory last.

Your voice is fading,
Your eyes growing gray,
My sanity leaving,
Bit by bit every day.

The pain I can’t shake,
Though I try and I try,
Is that, which I feel,
From not saying goodbye.

Days have flown by,
All meshed into one.
I pretend to be happy,
But that truly is gone.

I can see it around me,
Nothing’s the same.
And though the tears do dry,
The grief just remains.

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